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Ebook - Hacking : The Next Generation 2009

hacking-1With the advent of rich Internet applications, the explosion of social media, and the increased use of powerful cloud computing infrastructures, a new generation of attackers has added cunning new techniques to its arsenal. For anyone involved in defending an application or a network of systems, Hacking: The Next Generation is one of the few books to identify a variety of emerging attack vectors.

You’ll not only find valuable information on new hacks that attempt to exploit technical flaws, you’ll also learn how attackers take advantage of individuals via social networking sites, and abuse vulnerabilities in wireless technologies and cloud infrastructures. Written by seasoned Internet security professionals, this book helps you understand the motives and psychology of hackers behind these attacks, enabling you to better prepare and defend against them.

Nitesh Dhanjani, Billy Rios, Brett Hardin, “Hacking: The Next Generation”
O’Reilly Media, Inc. | 2009 | ISBN: 0596154577 | 296 pages | PDF | 6,7 MB

Learn how “inside out” techniques can poke holes into protected networks. Understand the new wave of “blended threats” that take advantage of multiple application vulnerabilities to steal corporate data. Recognize weaknesses in today’s powerful cloud infrastructures and how they can be exploited. Prevent attacks against the mobile workforce and their devices containing valuable data

Be aware of attacks via social networking sites to obtain confidential information from executives and their assistants. Get case studies that show how several layers of vulnerabilities can be used to compromise multinational corporations

Download : HackNextGen.rar

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