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to my lovely papa n my sweety eca

Lord…when I love a friend,

remember me that there will be end…

so I will always be with You who will Never End…

Lord…when I miss a lover,

miss me to someone who miss Your true love…

so my feeling that missing You will be more and more…

Lord…if I have to love someone,

meet me with someone that love You more..

so my love to You will be Stronger…

Lord…when I fall in love,

take care that love..

so it will not be over limit my love to You…

Lord…when I say “I love you”,

let me say to someone whose heart connects to You

so I will not fall to the love that is not because of You

Like a wise man said…

Loving someone is nothing…

Loved by someone is sumthin’

Loved by someone you love is precious..

But loved by your Creator is EveRyThiNG..

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